Randolph Nesbitt, VC

Heroes of the Mazoe Patrol: Inspector Randolph Nesbitt VC at centre.

Randolph Nesbitt, VC I am indebted to Tony Rozemeyer, previously of the BSAP in Rhodesia, who alerted me to the story of Randolph Nesbitt. His photograph in Wikipedia shows a handsome, trustworthy young man. In his retirement Nesbitt lived quietly in Vlei Road, Muizenberg until his death in 1956. He was no ordinary man. As a 28 year-old Captain in the Mashonaland Mounted Police Nesbitt was awarded the Victoria Cross for exceptional bravery in the presence of the enemy. In 1896 near Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Captain Nesbitt led a patrol consisting of only 13 men to go to the rescue of the miners at the Alice Mine in Mazoe Valley, who were surrounded by hordes of hostile Shona. Captain Nesbitt and his patrol fought their way through the enemy and succeeded in getting the beleaguered party (including three women) back to Salisbury in spite of bitter fighting in which three of the small rescue party were killed and five wounded. Only five men came through unscathed. A Victoria Cross is a rare medal, the highest award for military bravery that the British Monarch can bestow. I know of no other VC who lived in Muizenberg.Ref: Tony Rozemeyer, personal comments 2018.


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