Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook(1728-1779). Nathaniel Dance. BHC2628

The greatest navigator-explorer of all time, James Cook (1728-78) arrived on 30 October 1772 in the Resolution at Table Bay. The journey’s purpose was to find the Terra Australis or Southern Continent which Cook sought, even crossing into the Antarctic.  The Resolution stopped in Funchal, Madeira and stopped over for a month in the Cape.  Cook, his lieutenants, Pickersgill and Elliot, he reported “fix’d ourselves at Mr Brands, the usual residence of most Officers belonging to English ships”.  Christoffel Brand was the port-keeper at Simonstown so he passed through Muizenberg.  He wrote:

“The Cape is scarce free of storms a week together.  The winds blow hard and on every side from the vast Southern Ocean, the waves of the sea rise to a height never seen or experienced in any part of Europe.” (Glenn Babb)

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