Wynand Willem Muyz

The credit for Muizenberg’s name goes to Sergeant Wynand Willem Muyz (or Muys).  He was one of the first Dutch East India post-holders at the toll station, Het Posthuys, in the seventeenth century and the station became known as “Muyz zijn Berg” (Muyz’s Mountain) but also “Muyz zijn Burg” (Muyz’s Fortification), morphing into today’s Muizenberg. Het Posthuys is the oldest building on the False Bay, some sources dating it from 1672 and others 1743.  

Much of this may be fanciful.  Also, much play has been made of the word Muyz or Muis being the Dutch word for “mouse”.  One of the more teasing examples is the property on Main Road, Muizenberg, now a block of flats, known as “Monsouri”.  This is what the French call a calembour, or play on words: translated from the French, “Mont Souri” means mountain of the mouse, or Muizenberg! (Glenn Babb)

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